Abel Korinsky

From mid-September to mid-October, the Goethe institute Kigali together with Rwanda Arts Initiative invited for the first time a Berlin based sound artist to the Artistic residency at Rwanda arts Initiative. The Artist Abel Korinsky convinced an interdisciplinary jury about his sound installation.

The space is constructed in this way that there is a small path (like in a forest) through the room with some clearings inside where you are able to rest and sit.
The sound is connected to this idea. Paths are spaces where you are driven to move forward, because a path is something to walk on and not to stop on – just an interspace. At the same time the clearings are the opposite of it. Here you are able to rest, to enjoy the sky, to enjoy the space and to feel comfortable.

This is the reason why the sound consists of different elements. It consists of a lot of natural elements like wind, water, footsteps on the ground (recorded here in Rwanda), etc. and the sound changes from very atmospheric elements – those parts representing the clearings where it is calm, relaxed and very comfortable.
Then you have also the other sounds which are going forward and which sounds hectic in a way. They representing the paths where you never stop – They always forces us to walk and never to rest (steady part vs. restless part).

This idea is connected to our human way of thinking: Standstill is dead. The idea of resting is not good for us. This space represents this in a perfect way.

The idea reflects the almost forgotten „idleness“ in our society. It is almost not possible to rest anymore. You always have to walk on. But Idleness creates ideas and it let us reload our resources and some energy. Deceleration is maybe what we need?!