Cecydar was founded in 1992 by Cyprien and Daphrose RUGAMBA to help the numerous children living in the streets of Kigali. This center gives these young people an opportunity to stay out of the street thanks to educational, physical, psychological and spiritual support. In December 2015, in partnership with Wallonie Bruxelles International, Support Africa, the French Institute in Kigali and Bralirwa, RAI and Cecydar held a whole week of workshops on different forms of art (dance, music, drama).

The main objectives were to gather children living in the streets and others  to raise awareness about the situation and help them to integrate through arts.

The week scheduled within different art classes and ended with a final concert with our long-term partner Gael Faye. These workshops gave the children the opportunity to develop their artistic skills as their creativity to help them understand their own value. They could create their own songs with the music workshop, play drama or presented a traditional dance choreography. More than 400 people went to see the presentation and the performances and encouraged the young artists.

RAI is preparing a long-term project with CECIDAR to elaborate an artistic and educative program in order to welcome children during all the school year.

To know more about CECYDAR : https://www.cecydar.org