Jamii Art Bank

Jamii ArtBank is a time bank Online barter system of skills to allow artists and professionals working with artists to give their time and in exchange, the time and skills of a professional they need. The demand and the supply of time are part of a project short-term, one-off, non-repetitive services.
The unit of time value of the Jamii ArtBank is the Zawadi.

  • Here are a few example:
  • 1 hour of time could represent 20 zawadi,
  • 1 meal could represent 5 zawadi,
  • 1 night hotel could represent 20 zawadi,
  • 1 advertising spot could represent 20 zawadi, etc.

Accession to the charter: Acceptance of Regulation, Creating a profile, Skills domains, our jobs geographical location.

The profile should be accessible to all registered members


To request time, we fill in a form and our request is visible on the site. When you get time, you become a Zawad’in. Our account is debited the number of hours or zawadi that is received.


When we give time, we are a Zawad’out. Our account is credited with the number of hours or zawadi given.

Since this is a sharing system, every member will inevitably receive and give time. Any member can consult the applications and offer his services when he has the required skills. The Zawad’in can contact a member who has the skills.

For more information, please contact us at contact@rwandaartsinitiative.com