Muganga is a fiction television series , whose main subject is the practice of public health in Rwanda. It is broadly of medical practice in the countries of the south and shows the daily life of a health center whose main characters are two general practitioners. The main objective was to popularize heath programs in the Great Lakes region and in the african countries, especially public hygiene and good practice of Modern Medicine. The serie was broadcasted in most of the african countries in 2015 and 2016.

Resume : Autumn 2013, Muganga is the chief doctor of the health center in the city of Huye, in the South province of Rwanda. The health center depends on the National University of Rwanda located in the same city. Muganga also teaches general medicine at the Faculty of Medicine. The center is experiencing a great effluence due to the mutualization of health care in Rwanda. A mutualization that covers 93% of the population. In this early autumn, Muganga receives a reinforcement of a new doctor to support him in the health center. He discovers with surprise that the new doctor is a beautiful woman who arrives from an American university with a prestigious diploma. Dogiteri Emma is a sure woman of its value, who finds difficult to second Muganga, a physician less qualified than she, uncompromising in her practice of medicine, it arouses in Muganga both fascination and irritaton. Between the two physicians settles from episode to episode, a relationship of complicity and defiance, attraction and repulsion.