Africalia offers technical and financial support to African organisations in a spirit of partnership. Over the years Africalia has acquired significant expertise in the field of cultural cooperation which it provides to its partners. Their programs aim to achieve four outcomes: good governance of creative and cultural organisations; access to markets for African cultural and creative goods and services via partners; strengthening of managerial, technical and artistic skills; and advocacy regarding the role of culture in development policies. Africalia sees cooperation as a sustainable commitment to its partners, not as financial support for specific cultural activities (festivals, shows, exhibitions). The partnership is based on in-depth knowledge, accumulated over several years, of the assets, strengths and weaknesses of each partner and on the pooling of resources and expertise in the pursuit of a shared long-term goal.

Africalia has been supporting RAI since 2012. It funds different projects but also the organisation and the structure as a whole. It is RAI’s most important partner.

Minispoc : Rwanda Ministry of Sports and Culture

WDA : Workforce Development Authority

INMR : Institute of National Museums of Rwanda

Minicom : Rwanda Ministry of Communication

RDB : Rwanda Development Board