Planet Kigali Dance Performance

The Planet Kigali project, with artists from Rwanda and Germany, has set itself the goal of linking visions of the future in the arts with the traditional arts of Rwanda. Rwandan mythology, magical realism, science fiction theories and fashion will be merged with the past, present and future in Planet Kigali. Time is understood as a liquid, non-linear concept. Through a rapprochement with tradition and linking it to future images, Planet Kigali  tries to create new, futuristic identities with a transformative energy – as Grace Jones put it: “I wasn’t born this way. One creates oneself.”

The understanding of traditional culture is currently undergoing a radical change in Rwanda, and this has an effect on the work of contemporary artists. Dance styles get circulated over video portals; visual artists market their pictures over the Internet; all forms of music are accessible everywhere. The modernization process, which is being pushed forward by the increasing digital penetration of everyday life in Kigali, is seen as an example of global transformation processes that need to be explored more closely. A focus on the specific Rwandan situation allows for a broader view of the complex of topics: delivery, approach and future vision.

The Planet Kigali project concerns itself with metamorphoses and the efficacy of narratives. Linked to the mythology of Rwanda and the traditional dances, the project developed a futuristic choreographic laboratory with the performers. Starting from a blending of different eras, visions of the past and the future, from the ruptures in biographies and in memories, the bringing together of disparates, a cross-genre and cross-cultural performance will emerge. For Planet Kigali, the spirits of the past and the gods of Modernism are called upon in order to allow the audience to immerse themselves in a cosmos in which future visions are embodied in the exhibition and on the stage.