RAI organizes conferences and symposiums to link public authorities, the private sector and artistic and cultural professionals. As an association promoting culture and art, RAI believes that art has an impact on our social wellbeing and cohesion, our physical mental health, our education system, our national status and our economy. These meetings aim at addressing the concerns of the cultural sector into policies and to raise awareness on the different aspects of the cultural and artistic sector.

Former symposiums :

In 2012 RAI proposed a symposium about artistic and para-artistic professional skills development and training through education in Rwanda. It was intending to gather actors of the cultural and art industry, being them from the public or the private sector, to carry out an initial assessment of different features of the said industry, analyze challenges pertaining to its professionalization, provide way forward and recommendations to be taken in account in capacity building strategies and activities at policy, implementation and entrepreneurs and/or artists levels.

In 2015, with the collaboration of Workforce Development Authority (WDA), another symposium about professional audiovisual industries was held in RAI’s locals to raise awareness on viability of audiovisual industry in Rwanda as a springboard for economic development. Rwanda Arts Initiative, as an association which believes that professionalization of artistic and para-artistic skills is tied with sustainable development, aims at prove that the cultural industry can be a sustainable source of wealth. Indeed, we are deeply convinced that art, particularly audiovisual industry, creates employment, Small and Medium-sized enterprises and above all, represent a great economic opportunity.

In May 2016, RAI organized a Private-Public dialogue within the framework of the World Economic Forum on Africa, in Kigali, on the theme of « digitalization of creative industries and its contribution to economic transformation ».

In the presence of the honorable Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. François Kanimba, participants debated over job and revenue creation in cultural sector, opportunities, challenges, but also limits.