Production & Distribution

One of the RAI’s main work at the moment is the production and diffusion of cultural products.

As an association whose goal is the professionalization and development of cultural industry, the Rwanda Arts Initiative can serve as a relay for the diffusers. The association studies the project, then advises the most suitable person to accept to promote the project. RAI can put at the partner’s disposal, his « contact book ». For example, the Operation Rwanda in Burkina Faso in 2012 to promote different Rwandan artists at the Recreatrale festival or a project RAI is working on called Boda Boda network. It would be the Creation of a circuit for the dissemination of live performance in the East Africa region.

In 2015, RAI produced the fiction television series Muganga whose main subject is the practice of public health in Rwanda.

RAI also co-edited with « Les Editions d’En bas” (Lausanne) the Gael Faye’s book Petit pays in Kinyarwanda in 2018, inauguring the first book of RAI’s collection “Moyo”, which is specialized in the publication of books in Kinyarwanda and Swahili. It’s a long term project to develop reading and literature in Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region.

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