Workshop & Residency

In order to form the artists, producers and cultural workers, RAI frequently organizes professional trainings. These workshops are collective and personal to help anyone in need to build a project or improve management skills. The themes can vary depending on people’s needs and demands.  If you want more details or if you have an idea on which theme you would like to deal with, don’t hesitate to contact us.

RAI’s previous workshops :

Training by Luc Ameye:

In March 2016, RAI hosted a workshop on project management centered on the output by Luc Ameye. The main objectives were to strengthen the planning project and to organize practical work on real program with planning tools. The methodology helped the team to understand very well how to build a project and pursue objectives depending on the expected outcomes.


Music rights in Africa:

In June 2016, in association with Music Rights Awareness Foundation (Sweden), RAI hosted a workshop on music rights and laws to educate people about the rights and responsibilities each creator has. The main objective was to raise awareness and improve communication between music creators, music companies, copyright societies and other influential institutions in the African music industry.


Monitoring and Evaluation:

In April 2017 and during five days, Bruno Mola facilitated a workshop about Monitoring and Evaluation at RAI. The workshop was attended by structures coming from Kinshasa, Kisangani, Goma, Bukavu, Bujumbura and Kigali, all working in partnership with Africalia. The partners reinforced both their knowledge and synergies.


Maisha film lab:

Rwanda Arts Initiative (RAI) has been hosting workshops since 2015 for MAISHA FILM LAB a film laboratary for east africans investing in emerging film indusrty with the twin goal of creating economic capacity while contributing vibrant new voices to an increasingly international film world . Maisha Film Lab conducts annual training labs in the region (Kenya,Uganda,Tanzania,Rwanda) to offer aspiring and established filmmakers an intensive platform to hone their creative writing and technical skills for the screen; as well as giving them crucial knowledge about the international film business. These skills empower filmmakers in developing countries to make their voices heard. On 9th august 2017 RAI hosted the 6th annual screenwritting lab for eight days workshop in its locals and planned to hold more next year.